What’s New In Domaining?

Learn. Help. Support. Smile.

That’s the motto for Michael Cyger’s, soon-to-be legendary, Domain Social event. On this week’s edition, of the best virtual-happy-hour on the planet, Michael reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve written on DNGeek.

So here I am guilt writing, and sharing, a quick list of my recent domaining discoveries.

Quarantine Magazine – For the past ten Fridays, DNAcademy has sponsored a 2-hour, Zoom call that let’s you have a beer (or two) with some of the brightest minds in the domain industry. It features up to 100 attendees and Q&A by both seasoned pros and aspiring newbies from around the world. You just can’t beat it.

The sessions are free, BYOB and you can sign up here or watch past episodes on YouTube.

Mosh with Josh – Another new treat is the podcast series by domainer Josh Reason. In this daily, easy listening, 10 minute session, Josh reviews and opines on the top sales of the day as listed in NameBio’s daily report. He provides informed opinions and commentary that takes you out of the drudgery of portfolio management and into the big picture of trends and sales.

A worthwhile daily exercise. Check it out at Josh.co (That’s dot CO not dot COM)

Monster LiquidationNameLiquidate is a dynamic, reverse auction marketplace where domains get cheaper by the hour. You can buy high at $998 or wait it out and hope your fave doesn’t get snapped up before the price hits bottom at $9.

Unlike GoDaddy aftermarket sales your purchase is in your account the same day. The site is a side project of Rob Monster’s registrar, Epik. I’ve already made a purchase and it was smooth and easy.

Don’t Need Wiggly Ears (DNWE) – In February Josh Reason launched a curated, domainers-only marketplace called Domain Name Wholesale Exchange.

It’s a great new option for buying or liquidating inventory at a low, 9% commission. Go to DNWE.com for more info.

Hand Regging Dictionary Words? – You read that right. Just because a domain is a dictionary word doesn’t make it valuable. Still, we all love a treasure hunt. Right?

This new website, OneWord.domains, makes it easy by providing an alphabetical list of every dictionary word that’s still available for hand registration in four extensions: .com, .io, .ai and .co.

Do you want a weekly brandable review?

These days I’m too busy for blog writing but I could do a quick evaluation and commentary on aftermarket brandables that sold for under $200 the prior week. A sort of poor man’s review for us grinders.

Is this something you’d be interested in?

Do you prefer a blog or podcast format?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Otherwise it may not get done.

May all your sales be to end users!

17 thoughts on “What’s New In Domaining?”

  1. Good to hear from you on here, again.

    Though you’ve been contributing on NP but it’s not as more detailed as your previous posts here.

    IMO, blog post will be fine for easy access and reference purpose.

    Thank you for all you’ve been doing, Keith.

    1. Hey Bamms, Thanks for stopping by and for those kind words. Hope you are healthy and safe these days.

  2. Finally Cyger pushed you to write again. I was on that episode. I’d prefer a podcast though.
    Welcome back!!!!

  3. Keith, that would be great.

    I love podcasts…easy to check daily.

    The above article is concise and great information.

    Thanks for sharing OneWord.Domains

    Hope you continue to share your views on Domain Socials…

    Best regard,

  4. Yes, Michael Cyger has done it again, this time he has created the world number one Distributed Domain Conference (DDC).

    We may be at a major inflection point in the industry of domains as the world suddenly rushes to go digital. The strategies and opinions described by the DDC panel are very timely, interesting and valuable in this context.

    I would love to see Michael transition the DDC to a new website, add some advertising, master those Zoom skills and go big. And permanent.

    – – – – –

    Keith, I would like to see a regular Brandable Review, it’s always great to read more opinions about things. I wouldn’t limit it to domains under $200 though.

    I would prefer a blog not a podcast, reading is so much faster than listening.

  5. Thank you, Bonsu, Michael, Ravi, Adam, Sean and Dave. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your feedback and appreciation is invaluable. Cheers!

  6. Hi Keith, a 10 min podcast sounds good, we all do so much reading on a daily basis, including going through name lists, so a podcast mixes it up a bit and is easy to digest at home or on the move.

  7. Thanks, Declan. I like that a lot of people here are in favor of a podcast. I would prefer that myself. It saves me time and it would be fun to try a new format.

  8. A significant portion of the brandable domain market consists of creative alternative spellings of real words. This would require them to be tediously spelled out in a podcast format. So a podcast is not the best idea.

  9. Thanks for your feedback and comments. The podcast is coming!! I would have posted today except I’m having technical issue with sporadic crackling in the vocals. Arghh!!!!

    Anyway I will publish tomorrow one way or another 🙂

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