What’s Selling at the Brandable Marketplaces?

Do you like data? I do. In fact, I think I’m an information pack rat.

Because every time someone reports a brandable domain sale in a conversation, at a forum, in an email or even on a brandable platform itself, I write it down. I’m keepin’ a list. Checkin’ it twice. And trying to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Over the past several months I’ve accumulated a log of 349 recently reported sales from three different brandable marketplaces. I’ve looked them over and here’s what I’ve learned.

Invented or keyword?

Most brandable domainers think of their domains in three categories: invented (Klevio), keyword (SeatGeek) and hybrid (Deliveroo). I looked at my list of 349 recently sold domains and split them into three piles. One was made up of names that didn’t contain, or even resemble, common dictionary words. The second pile were names that contained two (or three) dictionary words with no deviations in the word spelling. And then there was everything else.

This put the sold domains into three convenient categories: Invented (31%), Keyword (28%) and Hybrid (41%).

So the sales were pretty evenly split but with a bit of weighting towards the hybrid domains.

The long and short of it

When I looked at the list from the perspective of domain length it appeared that end users were buying domains that were not too short, but also not too long. The breakdown looked like this:

  • 4 Letters = 4%
  • 5 Letters = 15%
  • 6 Letters = 17%
  • 7 Letters = 16%
  • 8 Letters = 17%
  • 9 Letters = 10%
  • 10 Letters = 11%
  • 11 Letters = 7%
  • 12+ Letters = 3%

It’d probably make a nice bell curve if you put it in a graph.

The keys to the kingdom

When I examined the words contained in the hybrid and keyword based domains I was surprised to see there were zero sales with popular keywords like chain, cube, cyber, buzz, buy, call, card, cash, chimp, click, code, care, digital, crowd, fit, fuel, geek, health, link, local, market, media, mobile, ninja, robo, sale, sell, stat, space, stack, swipe, style, tap, travel, talk, web and wire.

Is this a false result based on a small sample size or is it indicative of changing trends? I’m not sure.

Meanwhile, there were other keywords that appeared in the list more than once. These included Ad and Grow, which appeared 5 times each. Labs, which appeared 4 times and Ag/Agro, Bit, Crypto, Dot, Ever, Hey, Key, Lend, Oak, Acti, Agent, Aura, Bio, Block, Bond, Boost, Chat, Coin, Fin, Flex, Go, Hatch, Hello, Hub, Motive, Nest, Net, On, Pay, Pivot, Pure, Sage, Sky, Team, Tech, Volt, Wealth, Work and Zen, which each appeared twice in the sold list.

The baby and the bathwater

Stats and data can give us good insights into upcoming or existing trends. But, they can also be misleading depending on the sample size and how they are compiled and interpreted. So rather than making big changes in your portfolio based on this data, put the information in that big brain of yours and let it mingle with everything else you’ve learned and see what comes out. Remember that often times one of our best resources in domaining, and in other life endeavors, is our, elusive and data-free, intuition.

May all your sales be to end users!

27 thoughts on “What’s Selling at the Brandable Marketplaces?”

  1. satyadeep singh

    Can you tell us more about your invented domains and hybrid domains.
    Can you track only Namebio?
    How can i see others market place domains sell?

    1. Hi, Thanks for reading. I compiled my personal list from a wide variety of sources. Some of the brandable marketplaces have a small list at the bottom of their home page. Additionally, many sellers discuss their sales on Namepros and other forums. These are the kinds of methods I used to compile the list. I didn’t use Namebio.

  2. Stu Buckingham

    Nice report, Keith. Are you going to make it quarterly? 🙂 Maybe start an annual report from the quarterly reports? 🙂


    1. Hey Stu,
      I’m not sure I want to get so formal as to offer quarterly insights but I will do this kind of sales analysis again. I think a second look at the end of 2018 would be a good time. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Great post Keith.
    Some excellent research and statistical breakdowns.

    Do you ever break down sales prices as well? Example – so many in the 1 – 3k range. Etc.

    Or have an overall average sales price of all 349 brandable domains?

    Really appreciate your posts once again. Cant wait to read your next one.

    Thank you.

  4. Excellent question………
    Out of the 349 reported sales, 145 of them included a sales price.
    The average price was $2,949
    The median price was $2,250
    40% of sales were $995 to $1,995
    39% of sales were $2,000 to $2,995
    13% of sales were $3,000 to $3,995
    8% of sales were $4,000 to $6,400

    1. I knew you had to have that data as well considering how much you put into the other stats
      Average brandable at 3k, that is the number i would have guessed if there was a poll. Its great to see your hard numbers though.
      Thanks for sharing Keith.

      PS Happy Fathers Day if you are a father Keith and to all of the other fathers out there too!

  5. Thanks for the great stats Keith.

    3k seems to be the going rate for brandables these days.

    It would also be interesting to compute firm offers received over 1k (not sold, and not counting the outliers);
    For example, I recently had a final offer of $1250 for SwiftIntel .com which I wasn’t interested in selling at that price. It was a reliable source / offer. I have a few more like that that I keep track.

    If you have a form at some point where you can choose the type of domain (3 categories) without disclosing the exact name itself and send through the highest offer it received (without having sold it), it could provide some info on what the more precise liquid price may be for these types of names. Not to mention the same type of form can also be used for finalized sales.

    A lot of sales go unreported / kept private because of NDA or the seller not wanting to create too much competition in a certain niche, but if the name is kept anonymous (category revealed), I would think more sellers would be willing to share the category and price… just a thought anyway.

    1. Yes, more detailed info on offers and buys is always useful. All my data has been collected in a random fashion from a variety of sources, mostly in informal settings. I have no information about offers or sales that didn’t complete.

      Thanks for reading………

      1. PS
        79% of the sales I’ve collected were less than $3k. So I would not say that $3k is the going rate for brandables. The average price ($2,949) is strongly skewed by a small number of 4 letter domains that sold for several thousand dollars. I would say the median price of $2,250 would be closer to the “going rate.”

        1. Just a little insight:
          Some of my last brandable sales which I considered of decent quality+ were the following:

          3k – 2 keyword (abbrev + normal keyword)
          5k – fully invented
          3k – 2 keyword
          2k – 3 keyword (phrase)
          3k – 2 keyword
          2.2k – hybrid
          2k – hybrid

          avg. $2885 – I left out some coin related domains as those were higher outliers due to the crypto market, also none were 4 letters.

          There’s many factors that can impact results of course, and I don’t own 10 000 domains either.

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    1. Thanks, Nathan!

      I’m glad that you, and so many others, find value in my posts.
      Thanks to all for reading and for taking the time to express your appreciation.
      Sharing our insights and supporting each other is what makes us a community 🙂


  7. Amazing report Keith. I know it is hard work to compile such report since you don’t get this info from one direct source like: Namebio. I guess we should all take brandable domains into consideration although their sale period is longer than the usual domains 🙂 But, definitely worth it. Thanks again 🙂

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  9. Excellent and timely report, it adds real perspective to the pricing of brandable domains.
    The pricing certainly fits in with my experiences.
    Great post, thanks,

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